dA birthdays!

Journal badge!

It’s now possible to get a badge in your journal or in any custom module on your deviantART profile, that displays a countdown to your birthday. It will look like this:

Birthdays badge example!

The code you need to put this in your journal or shoutboard is seen below: (replace username with your actual deviantART username)

<a href="https://birthdays.24bps.com/user/username"><img src="https://birthdays.24bps.com/badge/username" alt="My birthday badge" /></a>

And, finally if you want it as your webcam image on your deviantART user page, this is the link you have to input into the Webcam URL field on your profile page: https://birthdays.24bps.com/badge/username

Remember that you need to have your birthday in our database. If you do not already have it added, send a note to the dA birthdays account. We hope you enjoy!